Seeking Women of Wisdom: Day 21

Here’s what I believe about friends.  You truly do become like the 5 people you hang around, so it is important to be careful who you choose.

Loyalty is key!  Those that are worthy of your time and energy, are family.  Keep your focus there.

Don’t simply fill people in the spots, hold them open until you find people you want to emulate.  For me, I want people who I deem to be wise and strongly spiritually inclined-usually Christ centered.

I want to be a little old lady with braided hair that has my own zany ways, but that people consider to be wise and close to Christ.  I don’t mind not being understood, but I want to have wisdom.

I won’t get there being pulled away into chaos or debasement, so I stay alert to my time and energy with friends.

So how does that fit in with loving my neighbor?  Perfectly.  I want to love my neighbor, but boundaries are necessary to keep your own soil thriving and able to produce good fruit.

Decluttering my Heart: Day 14

There is a side of my family tree,

where I can say that I come from a long line of haughty and harsh women.

Who speak words of fiery judgement~

and claim to be one with God.

Never having an understanding of your account.

Jesus.  I beg you.

Remove that haughtiness from my tongue.

Sever that maternal chromosome.

Let only your love come from my lips.

Even when speaking unwelcome truths,

let them be spoken in your love.

You have made me a NEW creation.

Help me cast off the old bloodied aprons.

and receive those fresh downy clothes. 

Gossip, pride, backbiting, anger, mockery, bitterness, fear, and a love of wickedness must go.

Weed my heart.