Pina Colada Feet–Day 10

Even though I recently started down the path of zero waste, I still have had tons of product to use that are in environmentally unfriendly packaging and figure I might as well use them to the very end.

Today however I was at a crossroads with my poor feet.  A few weeks ago I cancelled all future pedicures due to the chemicals and packaging, and with the harsh cold winters here my toenails and feet were looking every bit of rough (read: quite gross).

I spent a while buffing the white out of my nails which was caused by keeping nail polish on there at all times.  Most of it came out.  I also buffed at the dead skin on the bottom of my feet.  So gross.

A bit later I did some research on how to get my feet in better shape and what I might have in the kitchen that would provide some natural remedies.  I ended up with a large pot of hot water with 1 c. of honey added, and 1 c. of milk added.  I soaked for a while, then used a pumice stone to soften and buff the skin.  It didn’t get all of it, but it did get most of it and I think if I give it consistent TLC and don’t go barefoot as often, my feet will be back in prime condition in no time.

I finished off putting Coconut Oil on followed by soft socks.  Thus the Pina Colada feet with milk, honey, and coconut.

My first real homemade beauty remedy.  Not so bad.

I have historically used some harsh chemicals that they don’t even really sell in stores as it’s beauty supply store grade.

So I am kind of proud of myself for navigating this first road with a beauty and health need.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if I end up with even better skin after changing these habits?  So much money, time, and energy may be saved.

It certainly smells better than my former chemical laden alternative solution.

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