Saying goodbye to Autoship: Day 8


Oh my goodness. How do we even start on this?   Truthfully, it’s kind of amazing to have the very specific things that my kids will eat that is healthy brought right to my door.

It’s a luxury, I know.

Is there anything anymore representative of American consumerism than Amazon one-click shipping?  I am a prolific Amazon Prime member, because we live in the middle of nowhere with harsh winters.  Do you notice the justifications just oozing right out of my mouth?

My beasties to overcome are:  Amazon (obviously), Vitacost, Thrive Market, and Daily Harvest Smoothies.  I love you Chocolate Blueberry: I really do.

So today I began the process of unclicking my autoships.  The waste is abundant–packaging, shipping boxes, plastics, and if I am honest with myself my kids eat an abundance of “healthy” junk food in the name of convenience.

Then there is the cost.  Gulp.  I may or may not be known to adjust my budget categories each month to take from somewhere else because of these autoshipped foods.

So today it was goodbye to most of these things.  I say most because some I need to work on substitutes for in the meantime.  Hopefully by next month, they will all be gone.

My family adores those boxes showing up on our porch.  It’s like a junk food manna that comes from UPS.  This is going to be a big adjustment as the pantry becomes more…real.

We can hang though because we have a vision for something better.  That vision makes these changes not only possible, but necessary.

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