And you too magazines! Day 5

My next step was to go for the next stack in my mail which was magazines.  I NEVER ever ever read magazines; not even the ones I like because I never have the time.  Not only that, but I don’t even have a coffee table to display them on.   While I remember my grandmother had a magazine rack neatly next to the toilet, as an adult I find that rather gross.  Do I really want to be looking at the magazine that people where holding when they….. ? No, I really don’t.

Somehow getting rid of magazines though is a little bit more emotional than catalogs though.  Catalogs are just obviously a market beast trying to lure you in to buy their products, but magazines are sneakier and they feel like a tiny little slash to your identity.  For me it’s Southern Living, Cooking Light, and several christian magazines.  Am I southernly?  Absolutely!  Do I want to try new recipes?  Sure!  Am I a christian woman?  Yes!  But I don’t need these magazines cluttering up my life to remind me once a month, that I am a southern christian woman who likes to cook.  When I want to find a new recipe that will yet again use butter, pork, or buttermilk in whole new and exciting ways, I will be back on pinterest like every other southern, christian woman who wants to cook, but often orders pizza because she spent too much time on pinterest.

So I opened up my magazines to find the teeny tiny little customer service phone number to cancel the subscriptions that I had paid for and guess what??  I am getting a refund!  One of which is going to be a whooping $0.67.  Since postage is going up this month to $0.50 I feel pathetic on my zero waste endeavors there, but I was talking to India and sometimes you just have to say “Thank you.  I will take my $0.67.”  I was totally surprised to learn that I got a refund though on all of my magazines.  When all is said and done I will probably get about $20 bucks.  Sweet!  That’ll pay for my zero waste produce bags.  wink, wink.


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