Stop sending me catalogs!: Day 4

Oh my goodness knows!  I made the mistake of stopping by the post office to pick up my mail from the holidays and my kids and I literally had to take three trips back and forth to the car.  We were out of town so it had all accumulated, but what a great visual for what the process of decluttering and zero waste is all about.  I was able to quickly pile up a good 12″ of catalogs that I never asked for.  Even so, I remembered that I had tried previously to get off mailing lists once before by using Catalog Choice, which is an awesome organization and service where you go in and search the name of the catalogs you want to unsubscribe to and they notify them for you.

Once I entered back in again with my giant stack of catalogs in front of me, I realized that they kept a history of what I had already requested.  It turns out that while I was getting catalogs from many of the same companies that I had requested to be cancelled before, it was because either (a) it had been over a year and I probably had made a purchase from that company in the past year and somehow inadvertently got back on their mailing list or (b) it was coming under a new name.  For some reason I had lots of catalogs under my father in law’s name, but to our post office box.  One of the great features of Catalog Choice is that you can just create profiles and if you have the catalogs in front of you, it works even better because often you can punch in the key or source code that they have used to track you down.

So day four was spent contacting 40-50 different companies to get them to stop sending me catalogs.  One other important thing that I will share is that you need to pay attention to get to the root of who is selling your information.  Those are two different requests completely.  The company might remove you from their mailing list, but if you don’t tell them that they aren’t allowed to share your information then you are still going to have more catalogs in your box in the future.  Catalog companies are like really jazzed up rabbits and they will breed prolifically if you aren’t aware of their policies, so be sure to tell them to not share or sell your information as well.

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