Email decluttering: Day 3

Emails.  Marketing.  Coupons.  Spam.  Newsletters.

I’ve tried to stay on task with my email as is there really anything as wonderfully satisfying as getting to the bottom of your email?  Maybe getting to the bottom of your laundry?  Or having your car professionally detailed?  We can dream.  So for day three I decided that I would re-up my commitment to getting rid of the clutter in my inbox.  We aren’t really talking spam as that is something that technology has taken care of better in the last decade or so and that is handled for the most part, but I am talking about the email torture that I subject myself to…on purpose…in the name of being well rounded….informed ..or frugal.

Yes, the coupons that I probably will use.  The pastor’s newsletter that is actually of interest to me.  These wonderful things are also on the list of what drives me crazy.  Do I really need that $20 off Ugg coupon?  I really don’t want to answer that right now..or I might end up resubscribing.

So I began to up my commitment to hitting Unsubscribe at the bottom of all but the most critical pieces of information coming my way.  Bye bye, pastor.  I like you.  I like what you have to say..and your ministry does great work…but this all of this is a war for reoccupying my own brain and cleaning house in there.  The less stuff in my in box is more time I can spend in the real world.  Even if it’s the environmentally friendly way to communicate, I just need less of you in my life and more “real”.  Thanks.


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