Decluttering of my brain: Day 1

I recently started watching videos on a Zero Waste lifestyle and how people have gotten there, including the testimony of Lauren Singer.  I think her story resonates with so many people, because we have all been there:  looking in our fridge and trying to not use plastic or processed things, but not really knowing where to start and wondering if we could even be successful at such an undertaking.  At the end of the day we are just hungry and we spend so much time trying to do the right thing, until we just break down and have a pack of oreos to comfort us in our confusion of how to coexist with this cluttered and in my opinion ever too complex life.

The Zero Waste movement speaks to my heart as I long towards a simpler and less processed life.  I am not just talking about food or garbage either, but a full decluttering of our consumer driven homes.  We have been sold a bill of goods that technology is supposed to make us more productive and our lives better, but I think so many of us are feeling like we would rather have quality over quantity, and we aren’t really seeing our time spent in this technological age paying the dividends we had hoped.  Heck, just this morning I spilled coffee on my MacBook Air and it died a quick death.  You’ve all been there.  So much of what I spent my time and energy on gone.  Poof!

So after watching a series of Ted talks, I decided to take the advice of Lauren and so many others and just take this process of decluttering and zero waste one day at a time.  It’s not necessarily anything that I haven’t already had my heart set on these goals, but even the process of decluttering has just been kind of cluttered in my head.  Do I go for my closet first and the varying identities that I assumed in my fashion life?  Run this stuff that has been living in my foyer to the Goodwill..umm all in due’s less than zero outside?  Try to repurpose the one zillion things around my house that could be upcycled?  Try to locate missing pieces of things online to make something worthy of regifting?  Get rid of plasticware?  In a word, yes.  Only one thing at a time.

I swear sometimes that I wonder if I could function at all if I don’t write things down, so I am going to keep this blog as a testament of how far I get with this process.  Wish me luck!  My hope is that in addition to being able to care for things correctly, I will be helping our environment, and teaching my children along the way…and what if we all got a bit more liberty and happiness out of that process.  As beloved Marme said, “Oh what a challenge that would be.”


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